10 Women Who Rule The Social Media World?.

The idea about writing this blog post comes into my mind, while I was riding in my Google+ profile and saw a post from Mari Smith, that has a huge number of +1’s and shares, after few minutes I saw same condition with Andrea Vahl post and at that time idea about writing top social media women who rue the social media world strikes my head, and after I get impression about writing this blog post from Mari Smith And Andrea Vahl  I started my research to find 10 social media queens who rules social media world like king.


And after spending 2 days on my research, I’ve a list of 10 most effective and influenced social media queens that I would like to Add in my circle, Follow on twitter, Subscribe, Keep eye on their blogs, +1, Like on Facebook very gladly… Because these women’s are climbing the social media success ladder very rapidly and knows lots of aspects of social marketing that you and I can learn from all this social media queens to dominate social media by our effective presence.

All this social media queens are masters of some really very effective social media marketing technique that we can master, if we want to increase our social media returns. Remember to learn anything we required masters that teach us perfectly what we want to learn. So  today I’m sharing a list of 10 social media queens and you can consider them as your masters because they all know social media kung-fu very well and using it very effectively.


Mari Smith :

Mari Smith is wonderful social media speaker, Trainer and author with particular expertise in relationship marketing and Facebook marketing. She is a co-author of wonderful and very effective Facebook marketing book (Facebook Marketing: An hour a day), where she covered a lots of aspect about Facebook marketing that lots of Facebook marketers are not aware of. And recently she launched one more very interesting book that catches my attention she named it The Relationship Marketing: How to build a large, loyal, profitable network social web. I recently buyed this book approximately 4 days ago, but because of my college exams I’m not able turn the cover up so  I don’t have any idea about what I found inside, but I’m dam sure that whatever I find in this book will surly help me to shine my marketing skills.

Some Social Details about Mari Smith:

  • Followers on Twitter: 127311
  • Facebook Profile Subscribers: 42056
  • Facebook Fans: 56252
  • Google+ Circles: 38975

See the figure of people who following Mari Smith on Any social media arena; I’m also following Mari Smith on all social media site, because she really shares some nice and informative posts with their followers. So make sure you also follow her on all social media avenue to learn what she knows….

Andrea Vahl:

Andrea Vahl also plays quite similar role in social media arena like Mari smith.  She helps all business owners whether they are small or big how to use all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc… to find new clients for your business with some comedy touch to make the work more entraining and easier. And she is also a co-author of one of most popular Facebook marketing book Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies. I already finished up reading this book and I find some really Perl like Facebook marketing tactics that helps me to find lots of clients from the Facebook arena.

Some social details about Andrea Vahl:

  • Followers on Twitter: 5277
  • Facebook Profile Subscribers: 100
  • Google+ Circles: 835

Follow Andrea Vahl on all social media avenue to get some very effective Facebook marketing tips.

Maggie Fox:

Maggie fox is a CEO  & Founder of social media group, a very well known and respected website that helps business owner to navigate on all social media avenues very effectively and in engaged way. She assist lots of big companies like 3M, Ford Motors, SAP global marketing with her knowledge about social media how you can take advantage of all this new marketing avenues to grow your business effectively.

Some Social Details About Maggie Fox :

  • Followers on Twitter: 12263
  • Google+ Circles: 2560


Alexandra Samuel :

Alexandra is the director of social+ interactive center at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, the co-founder of Social signal and a blogger for harvard business review and oprah.com.  she also has a personal  blog where she wrote about how social media is transforming  our personal lives.

Some social details about Alexandra Samuel:

  • Followers on Twitter: 7040
  • Facebook Profile Subscribers: 90
  • Facebook Fans: 140
  • Google+ Circles: 1148

Danah Boyd:

Danah Boyd work as a senior researcher at Microsoft research and a research assistant professor in media, culture and communication at New York and a visiting researcher at Harvard law school. She is also a co-author of   Hanging out, Messing around and Geeking out: kids living and learning with new media.

Some social details about Danah Boyd:

  • Followers on Twitter: 52905
  • Google+ Circles: 44260

Ann Handley:

Ann Handley is a Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, co-author of the excellent Content Rules book and past co-founder of ClickZ.  She provides some really good information about content creation and social media participation. You can get daily dose of some hot tips about content creation and social media by following her on all social media avenue.

Some social details about Ann Handley:

  • Followers on Twitter: 111230
  • Facebook Fans: 8727
  • Google+ Circles: 6245

Jennifer Van Grove:

As a startup reporter on Mashable.com, Jennifer stories are often gets syndicated to Forbes, CNN, USA today and yahoo news. And now she also writes for VentureBeat.

Some social details about Jennifer:

  • Followers on Twitter: 18467
  • Facebook Profile Subscribers: 43922
  • Google+ Circles: 50935


Kristi Hines:

Kristi is an online marketing consultant and freelance content writer, social media marketer who offer their service for bloggers and business owners to help them use this new avenue of marketing successfully to increase their business ROI. She has a nice blog with the label of kikolani which provides content about blog marketing and seo, social media etc. she also made some contribution to some well know blogs like socialmediaexaminer.com and kissmetricks.

Some social details about Kristi:

  • Followers on Twitter: 25100
  • Facebook Profile Subscribers: 310
  • Facebook Fans: 2109
  • Google+ Circles: 8220

Lisa Grimm:

Lisa Grimm is a social media expert and digital marketer, who loves’s motorcycles and American bull dog food, films yoga etc. she blog for communicationspassionista.com .

Some social details about Lisa:

  • Followers on Twitter: 4910
  • Google+ Circles: 1318

Rashmi Sinha:

Rashmi is CEO & Co-founder of Slide share. Rashmi made an impact on the way information is shared on internet by creating a slide share, the YouTube of documents. She also has a personal blog where she share what she knows. So make sure check out.

Some social details about Rashmi:

  • Followers on Twitter: 11941
  • Facebook Fans: 54777
  • Google+ Circles: 8666


So above I mention 10 most effective and influence women on social media avenue. So make sure you follow them to see what they are doing and how they are marketing their product and services so effectively.

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Thanks Kulwant Nagi for helping me to complete my research of finding 10 women who rule social media world. Yu can catch kulwant nagi on kulwantnagi.com……


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  1. Kulwant Nagi from SEO Blogging says:

    Really a great sourse of inspiration.. Salute to all these ladies and they have proved thay the equal to men. Having such a huge number of fans prove thier existance here.. And thanks romy for including me in your post… Bravo !!!!

  2. elizahart from freenergydiary says:

    Hmm, I wonder if I can be like them if I try to? Thanks for this post! It’s inspiring to see women like me doing this great on the internet..

  3. Matthew Share from sandy springs luxury homes says:

    Women power is here. Women of western countries have more freedom and access to more facilities. Its great to see our women excel in various fields. In many parts of the world women are suppressed and deprived of equal rights with men and it lets me think about how many brilliant minds are being kept suppressed. If women across the world are bestowed with equal rights we’ll see more brilliant women.

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