3 Blogging Rules That Every Bloggers Should Follow.

There are lots of hidden rules in blogosphere that applies on every blogger. Without knowing your blogging status It doesn’t matters you are newbie or a establish blogger all this rules are here to affect you, bind you for good or for bad.

I’m able to discover 3 hidden blogging rules by wondering around blogosphere that I would like to share with my fellow bloggers. And while I will keep wondering around blogosphere to get to know more free credit reports instantly blogging rules. So you all can follow these rules to craft better credibility. Because those who don’t follow this 3 simple blogging rules they can find their self at the center of negative publicity or in more worst condition.

So make sure you know this 3 blogging rule that I’m mentioning below  or follow it to if you don’t to get involved in any blogging issue.

Never ever copy:

You are still content from any other blogs. If yes then you are knocking a door of a really very big problem that has the ability to completely trample your blogging carrier. So it better to stop copying right now. If you don’t know how to pick up a pencil to write content then there are lots of other ways that you can use to get your hands on some unique content:

1-      Hire anybody

2-      Read bigwig blogs to get idea about writing and start writing.

3-      There are some websites who sells unique content

There are lots more way but this post is not about telling you the ways to get your hands on freelance content this post is about blogging rules. And rule no.1 is never ever copy.

Don’t get hasty:

Blogging is not a task that you have to complete in short periods of time. Blogging is a long process that has lots of stage to complete, without completing those stages you are not able to become a good and wealthy blogger. So if you want to become a-listed blogger then don’t get too hasty about blogging.

Don’t get on any topic:

Just because you are blogger that doesn’t mean that you’ve full rights to write on any topic. So before writing on any suspicious topic remember that your blog is visible to anybody around every corner of this world. So think before you raise your finger to write on any suspicious topics or body because as like T.V news your blog content gets viral. So writing on any chilling topic can give you a heart attack. So beware of it.

So above are my blogging rules that you should follow or bind yourself by this rule to avoid them.


This is a guest post by Sarah. She writes for a Military Blog which share information regarding Cheap Military Flights, Military Trips, etc.

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