20 Places to look for Great Blog Topics And Inspiring Ideas.

Hey should I write about this topic? No! I already wrote about it. No this is just stupid topic, I can’t write about this topic. What the f…..!


I don’t have any ideas left to write about. Now what should I do?

If you’re in the same situation and banging your head to your desk for coming up something new and hot ideas to write about. Then stop doing that because it’s not going to help you.

Let me tell you

Ideas are everywhere; you just have to know where to look for.

So we round up all this suggestions (or you can call it some places to look for new ideas) that help you to come up with new ideas to write about. Daily!

T.V Time

We know that after you started blogging, you don’t have enough time to watch television. But believe me ideas can come up from anything you see and watch, even if it’s not directly related to your niche. T.V is a goldmine of new ideas so turn it on and let your mind flood with some crazy and hot ideas to write about.

News Sites

We all know that lots of things happen in the world that is related to our blog niche. And also those things are full with hot new ideas that you can use to write your post.  I use news sites to know about those things. Let me give you an EX:

Recently Google launches a premium version of Google analytic. How did I know, answers is very simple because of news sites. So I decided to write about it…l

So keep your eyes on news sites and see the flashing headlines if you want some crazy ideas to write about. I do it lots of time, now it’s your turn.


You’re not able to think about any blog topic to write about, and then you should choose any keyword and search it in Google to see what others are saying about it. If you want to come up with some new ideas to write about on selected keywords.

Google Alert

If you want ideas for your blog topics then I only say 2 words that help you to have a list of topic to choose from Google alert.  Set an alert for some keywords and also for your competitors, to see what they are writing about and use it for your own blog.

Q&A Sites

Q&A sites are only places where people shares there problem in exchange of getting solutions for their problem by experts. So you should peak around those question and see which questions are related to your blog niche. So you can use it to write your next blog post and same time post your post on the Q&A sites so questioner is also able to get solutions for their problem.

Trending Topic & Buzz

Creating a post about trending and buzzing topic in your niche is really a very good idea. I did it lots of time and some of my post about trending topics is now my most popular posts. You know how to find trending topics.  If no, then you can use Google trend and Well known blogs.

Social Media

My twitter stream and Facebook wall is full of great ideas shared by some very creative persons, and you know what I’m free to use those ideas to craft my new blog post. Plus, by using search and #hashtag features you also able to get some more ideas. And I also use other social networking site in same way.

Your Own Blog Comments

Some of best ideas come from my best readers, that’s why I read each and every comment I get on my blog posts. Sometime your readers will shares there suggestion, and questions, provoking thoughts, or anything that could become hot blog topics. So make sure you take a trip of your blog comment section to get new inspiration and ideas.


Forum sites are same as blog comment section but with more features. In forum people shares their thoughts, creative ideas, problems, quotes, pics, videos that strikes our head and you are free to use it write your upcoming posts.

Well know Blog

I’ve already mention that I reads a lots of well know blogs. That flood my mind with lots of creative ideas that I can use to write my own blog posts. All I have to do is just polish their thoughts with my own creative thought and now I have my upcoming blog post.

Take A Poll

Are you having difficulties to come up with your upcoming post then why not you ask your blog readers, what they would like to read?

What’s On Your Mind?

Tweet about that you need ideas to write your upcoming blog posts, and let your followers do the thinking work for you.


Holding a contest is good idea to come up with new and creative ideas for upcoming post.

Quick Tour Of Your Blog

When I don’t have any ideas I simply take a tour to my blog and see did I missed something, or can I write a fresh new version of my any blog post. When I take a tour of my blog I able get lots of new ideas to write my upcoming posts.

Read Your Competitors Blog and Comments

I use netvibs to subscribe my competitor’s blog, to see what they are writing and what their readers are sayings to get more productive ideas.


Do you know the simplest way to get ideas for your upcoming post is by asking? So ask your friend and family to what they like to see your blog.


People love to hear about how you and other people screwed up. Be honest and share your mistakes with your readers and also shares what you learned from those mistakes. As I say

There is no harm in making some more mistakes if you learn something new from them..

Do Something Different

People likes who are different from others, You don’t believe me, then think about superman, Spiderman, Wonder woman. People like him because they are different from them. So you also try differentiating yourself from other bloggers by doing something different like hold a contest, give something to your “nth” readers, write pros and cons on topics, etc…

Turn of Your Computer

Some of ideas strike my head when I’m not in front of my computer. So turn off your computer and take a walk with your friends, spend your time watching movies, browse the magazine rack. Then chances are very good that you’ll find a great idea for your upcoming post. So sometime spending your time with your friends is good for blogging. I spend lots of time with my friends. What about you?

Guest Blogger

You need a break because you’re out of the idea for your upcoming post. Then why not you ask another bloggers to write a guest post for your own blog. Guest post also helps your readers to get a fresh prospective and give you time to thinks about a devastating blog topic.

So what’s your favorite place to look for blog topics and inspiring ideas? Please share it with my blog readers.


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  1. Clemens from opticshop says:

    What i do to get new inspiration is going to a bookstore and grabbing random books. There are tons of topics someone wrote a book about, so the odds are quite good you find something for your niche too.

  2. Kulwant Nagi says:

    Ha Ha !! u said well romy that startup bloggers don’t have time to watch TV.. Even I am not watching TV from last two months.. and all others points explained are very common sense point but no gets to see towards them unless someone going to guide them. and you did this task of guidance very well.

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