Build Your Blogging Community With This Resource

If Your not too much familiar with building community around a blog before you may not have any idea how to start… Then here are resource that help you out in building a successful community around any blog…


BlogEngage gives you verity of option to build your blogging community.. In BlogEngage You can submit you post to get extra exposure for your blog.. You also able to find blogging contest and sponsor, there is also guest blogging section where you can become a regular guest blogger..there also groups exists where users able to share articles with one and another who are interested in similar topic and the main thing in BlogEngage you will also able to find blogging forum…

As the domain name itself tells the this site is made to give you better place to talk about things.. While twitter only allows you to use 140 character, here at amplify you can have more real conversation .. In comparison with facebook, Amplify likes the idea of strangers having conversion with one another  rather than friends talking about something… You can use you facebook and twitter account to Sign In in Amplify or you can also create a whole new account for our Blog….

Some Peoples Love Twitter and some people hate it… But there is something that you probably didn’t know and heard about twitter… Not Everybody is technically minded person.. But many people like to subscribe their favorite sites other then using RSS feeds.. Some people actually go on twitter search to find the website and then follow it go get latest update of subscribed website…

Facebook Gives you option of creating a Facebook page then you can create a Facebook page for your blog, or you can advertise your blog on targeted people at facebook who have similar interest to yourself.. In today’s tech world Facebook marketing is too much popular.. You able to find lots of gigs on Micro employment sites like, related to facebook marketing…

If  You Know Some More Sites That Helps In Creating A Blogging Community Then Please Share It With Us..


  1. selfishyayun says:

    good morning Romy, have a nic e day for you
    I know that many sites provide blogging services including social networking sites. it’s just that I never followed

  2. I use facebook and twitter.. but now I try to use that all…

  3. I recomended … :)

  4. Chris Antonelli from Herndon real estate says:

    I think every blogger should have all these four mentioned above. It’s very critical that you let people know about your blog. You must increase the chances of being located by informing, educating, and attracting the readers.

  5. Chris from Leesburg va homes says:

    I don’t think real bloggers passionate about blogging would want to go for auto blogging. Running a blog or a site merely for the sake of earning is just too materialistic. There are reasons which makes auto blogging less interesting, I do not see anything original in auto blogging, its all about making money and less about connecting with the readers.


    can I copy this post to my articel in my tabloid??

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