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Blogger SEO Tuts 3 : Adding A facebook “Like” button In Blogger :-

Hello everyone, welcome to your 3rd Blogger SEO tutorial… In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to add Facebook Like Button and how to customize it for your blogger… So Follow the below instruction For Adding FaceBook “Like” button To your Blog :- Step 1 :- Login Into Your Blogger Dashboard.. Then [...]

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Blogger SEO Tuts 2 :- Adding Meta Tags To Your Blogger Template

Hello everyone welcome to your 2nd tutorial of SEO of bloggers blog.. In this tutorial I m going to tell how you can add meta tags to your blogger template to make it SEO friendly for getting Ranked higher in all search engines.. What Is meta Tags :- Meta tag are simply HTML elements that [...]

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Jquery Inner Zoom Effect Zoom Appears Within Image..

Today in this post we are going to tell how you can give a in dept zoon within image..This is known as inner zoom. So if you  upload a image to your blog that’s have displayed 200X200 pixel the zoom appears within that space..Let’s look at a simple demo of this Jquery inner effect so [...]

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How to change the size of Blogger profile Picture:-

Hello Everyone, This post is about how to increase the size of your blogger profile…Normally your Blogger profile pic’s is appearing quite small around 79X79 pixels, by adding a simple piece of CSS code in your blogger template..and then you able to resize your blogger profile pic size.. We Will going to add Code via [...]

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