Guest Blogging Trio -> Tips, Benefits, Places : Part 1

If you never had any experience with guest blogging or you don’t know about it, then you should keep reading this post, because in the end of this post you have a clear vision of what the term guest blogging is really mean for, and what’s the benefits of guest blogging and also some tips for taking your guest blogging skills to the next level, in the end of this post I will tell you some places to look for guest blogger and guest post for free…

What Is Guest Blogging?

Normally you write blog post and publish it on your own blog. But when you write a blog post and publish it on other bloggers blog’sguest-blogging-trio that are related to your blog with the permission of that blog administrator, then it known as gust blogging and you become a guest blogger. Actually guest blogging is next level of article marketing.

In internet marketing and blogging world guest blogging is getting lots of buzz because of its effectiveness. Every blogger who has some experience with guest blogging is familiar with its effectiveness; they know very well guest blogging helps them to generate a huge amount  and exposure for their blog as well as for there self’s…

Some Tips For Guest Blogger :-

Do some research on a blog where you are willing to submit your guest post?

If you want to increase the chances of your guest post approval, then you should spend some of your time on the blog where you are willing to submit your guest post, because this will help you to know about the blog administrator, and what types of content are on his blog and also what types of audience are visiting on his blog to read those articles. Spend some time to read his articles and comments on his blog to know about what kind of content has higher chances of getting approved. And also which are the gust post are currently approved by the blogger then you able to select your topic for writing your guest post. After getting all this insights, start writing your post and then submit it.

You’re Blog Stats

If your blog statistics are good, then you must show it to other bloggers. Share how many monthly unique visitors your blog is receiving, and what are your blog rankings like alexa rank of your blog, Google rank of your blog etc. Mention anything that makes your guest post look important because it comes from well authority blog. This will increase you guest post approval chances drastically.

Linking To Your other article source

Show the other blogger that you have written some coherent and engaging content by providing a link back to your other source where you have published your written article. It could be your blog or, any articles form article directory etc…

Market Your Guest Post

When your guest post gets approved by the blogger make sure you promote your guest post by using some social media avenues like FaceBook, twitter, etc. and also use some Off page techniques to market your guest post. If you do this you will get double benefit, first your blog will receive double amount of traffic and second is whenever you publish other guest post on the same blog it will get approved by the blogger very soon because the blog owners knows that you are also promoting his blog with your guest post..

Convert Text Into Words

You know people like to hear and watch videos. So try to take advantage of this make a small video about your guest post by telling that what points are covered in this post and why you must read this post. This will help you to get some extra amount of traffic and exposure for your blog. If you don’t know this tactic is used by very well known singer Britney Spears. Britney Spears launched a small version of videos of her song Hold It Against me on you tube and the short video nail the rocks. She able to get millions of view in just only one day. So why not you also give a try to this tactics…

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