How To Master The Art Of Finding Starving Crowd…

Many bloggers and marketers on the internet makes million dollars by finding people who really want to buy a similar product that he is prompting. And after finding they just put their small effort in catering those crowds to gets their name listed in the list of their customers.  This type of crowd is known as “starving crowd”. I know we can easily spot any crowd with our 2 bare easy, but believe me spotting a starving crowd takes much more effort than we think.


Because they don’t have any specific qualities that we can use to differentiate them from normal crowd of people, they all look like same as us. But those are the crowd of people who have money on their hand and a burning desire to pay you for something that they desperately want or need.

After spending 10 month with blogging and digital marketing, I’m able to master the some nook and cranny to peek in and find a starving crowd who has hunger of our products.

So I’m sharing a small part of what I know about finding and catering a starving crowd who has hunger of our product to make our online business much more profitable, so we all able make much more money online.

Starving Crowd: Has a hunger of your product

Focusing all your efforts on finding people who has hunger of your products is a solid and surefire way to make more money online in easier way.

In networld, blogosphere countless people exists who are struggling to find a product that resolves there problem with money in their hand to buy it instantly. All you have to do is just pin point this types of peoples and then serve your offering to them in effective way.

Starving Crowd: Means more money

Learning the art of finding starving crowd is one of most important step that you can take if you have hunger of making more money online.

You can also make money by standing in the mid of any crowd and telling about your products, but it will be much harder and time consuming as compared to starving crowd. Because they have long list of questioner and doubts to ask you about your product and offerings. So why waste our efforts between these types of people.

If you’ve been in marketing arena for while then defiantly you have any impression about one of the legendry copywriter and marketer – Mr. Gary Halbert.

Gary was a real genius in marketing arena. During his training seminar he was well buzzed for asking a dam nice “Hamburger Stand” question to his students.

Gary Hamburger Stand Question:

“If you and I both owned a hamburger stand out we were in a contest to see who could sell the most hamburger, what advantage would you most like to have on your side to help you win?”

After asking this simple question student reply with a long list of advantages that they want have their side like quality meat, best place, and cheapest price.

Then Gary replies to his student that he will give every advantage that you have in your list, and I only want one advantage.

Student asks what advantage you want sir…

Gary replies I want, I only want… A starving crowd!….

Because if people are hungry and are in real search for something to eat, then they defiantly going to buy my hamburgers to eat.

So if I’ve starving crowd for my business then I’m able to make huge profit, because all those peoples are in real search of my product and want to buy it…

How Do You Find These Starving Crowd…?

The first and foremost important thing that you can do is keep your eyes and ears open. Because best marketers always keep their eyes and ears busy in constantly scanning their surroundings to know what’s hot and what’s actually selling.

So you can switch your product to make more profit. Then come the next step of locating a starving crowd that has hunger of our selected or switched product. So below are some places that you can look for pin pinpointing the starving crowd…?


The first place that you should look for finding starving crowd is online forums. Because in forums people shares there problems and needs in exchange to get solutions by other peoples. So dive in all niche related busy forum to find people who has a problems or in need of same product that you are promoting.

If you don’t have a list of forums that are related to your niche then you should check out this awesome forum directory to make your list of niche related forums..

Q&A Sites:

Q&A sites are one of most popular place to pin point the starving crowd, who are searching for your products to resolve their problems.

Ask other bloggers and affiliate marketers:

Ask your fellow bloggers and affiliate marketer about a places where they are making most of their sales so you also able to jump in to take advantage. Because their you will able to find lots of hungry people who are waiting for you to show up and showcase your product so they can buy it, if it’s fit in their list of requirement.

Events, Contest and Webinars:

When it comes to starving crowd, there are lots of events that generate some of the hungriest crowds. But all this events are mostly short in time so you need to make yourself always ready to face all this events in effective way to take advantage of those starving crowds that are generated by the event. So you can make more money online.

Content Sharing sites:

Content sharing sites preformed very well in search engine. So it’s good idea that first we find a burning product in your niche and write a well constructive article about your selected product and submit it to some content sharing sites likes squidoo, hubpages, flixya etc. because hungry people always are in search of something that helps them to finish their hunger.


So I rest my case about finding starving crowd here. Now it’s your turn to make your friends aware about this article by sharing it on all social media avenues…

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  1. Matthew Share from sandy springs luxury homes says:

    ‘Starving crowd’ its a new term I’m coming across. No doubt, millions of users search for information 24 hrs a day, these users are starving for information and you’ve made a solid point Romy, internet marketeers have to notice and differentiate these potential customers. If we’re running an online business we have to master the art of finding these potential customers.

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