How To Write Content That Gets Read.

What differentiate your blog from those successful blog?

It’s one and only one thing you’re Content. If your blog have a content that tells your desired story in a very effective and engaging way then soon your blog will also get noted into the list of those successful blog. If it’s not so good then you’re smart enough to know what’s going to happen next.

So its time for you to pick your cellphone and make a conference call to all your fellow blogger to ask some content writing tips that they know.  it’s better to write better words in once in a week or twice in a week depending on your comfort. Because in blogging arena frequency doesn’t matters that much the quality of your content matters. People are visiting your blog to read some nicely crafted words that help them to resolve their problem in a very entertaining and engaging way. So if you want to achieve the blogging successes that you desired then try to write better words. Because according to me as a freelance content writer words can spell   “S U C C E S S”.

But remember there are lots of bloggers out there in blogging arena who are also sharping there pencil to write better words. So the question is that how you going to beat them all. Very simple by putting more efforts then they are putting. Because efforts pay off shortly. And I’m also here to help you by telling you 4 simple tips that will help you to write some really nice content that pays off your effort.


The most important secret that gets your content read is inside your content headline.  How many times you get an impression that this book is worth of reading or this blog post is worth of reading by just reading the cover headline of book or headline of blog post.  For me, lots of time I buy books because the cover headline of that book attracts my attention and gives me an impression that this book is good to read, but after reading lots of time the book contents are really good and some time they are not.

So the same goes for your blog post headline.  If your blog post headline is good and attractive then people will defiantly going to read your rest of content.

Don’t tell too much background stories:

People like to dive in the background story, but they also like to read short and crispy content. So sometime lots of blogger concentrate more on including stories in their post that makes there blog post longer and they forget about conveying there desired massage in their post. That tramples their content creditability and readers run off without reading the overall content.

So its better that you carefully dive in background stories and make sure that it doesn’t makes your content rough that overwhelmed your readers.

Include Images :

A conceptual and theme related image can give you some more readers for your blog post. Because If your post image is enough attractive and conceptual then people gladly going to read your content to know why you used this image. So having a good image can give you more readers fir your blog.

Spread Your Post:

After you successfully published your blog post to your blog then make sure that you spread you blog post to all around the social media and search engine by doing some marketing works to get more readers for your content. Because the higher audiences you content have the higher chance you have to get your content read.

So that’s all I’ve to say in this post now it’s your turn to share this blog post with your friends and families or also on your social media network.

This is a guest post by Matthew. He is a blogger as well as a part time writer. Currently he writes for Powwownow. Powwownow offers services like phone conferencing, conference calling etc.

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