Learn PHP : Lesson 1- PHP Softwares And Server Installations

Hello Everyone in this post i am going to tell you which and what type of software’s you Going to need when you thinking of coding PHP in your PC.. If you are willing to using notepad to code PHP then just forget it, Because you cant code PHP directly in notepad, as you all ready knows that PHP is server side scripting language so if you want to run you PHP code in your PC then you going need a server and a PHP IDE editor.. Below you will find a name of 3 PHP servers that you can freely download and install it in your pc…


After installing server in your pc you can use notepad for coding PHP in your PC but you have to save your files with .php extension, but the loss of using notepad for coding PHP in your pc is this that notepad is not going to give you any syntax warning, or any misspelled command warning, if you  want to make your own PHP coding style then use PHP IDE editor..And PHP editors also gives you warning when you typed any wrong command or just forgetting to put semicolon in the end of php code line, it gives you instant warning when you made any mistake in your PHP code…So Use PHP editor to make PHP coding more easier..

Top 3 Serves For Coding PHP In Your PC :-


XAMMP is a one most popular and free open source web server.. XAMMP comes with apache web server, MY SQL database, PHP and Perl programing language, with all this XAMMP also comes with SMTP and FTP…

The best feature of XAMPP is the, its very easy to install  in your PC you don’t need to install each individual part of web server, just like any other program you have have to install XAMMP in your PC by Clicking on next next button then after few second click on finish button its all done now you installed XAMPP successfully in your pc..Now you are very close to code your first PHP program…

How to download XAMMP and Install It :-

1- Go To Google.com

2- Then Just type XAMMP in Search Box and Click On “I’m Felling Very Lucky”..

3- Now XAMMP official website is going to open then download latest version of XAMMP that supports your window…

4-After downloading install it in your pc….

5-The Default installation directory is C:/xammp… in this folder just click on a XAMMP control panel icon.. then one small window will open like you seeing in below image. and then just click on start button in front of apache and mysql..


6-After starting it just open your browser and check it the XAMPP is running or not.. you can check it by just typing exactly same in your Browser address bar  http://localhost and then press enter if default xampp page is open then your are ready to code PHP in Your PC…

2- WAMP :-

The second one is WAMP server… WAMP server also offers same features of XAMPP Server but the only difference is this it made For Windows… so now how to download WAMP and install it…

1- Go To Google

2- Type WAMP is search box then click on “ I M Felling Very Lucky “…

3- After clicking the official site of WAMP server is going to open from there you can download then WAMP server..

4-Installation process is same as XAMPP server…


3- Easy PHP -

The Easy PHP web server is my favorite one i personally recommend that you use Easy PHP web server, because its lot more easier to use as compared to other web servers.. and Easy PHP also offers some extra features like Alias, and modules… that other web servers are not offering.. So to make PHP Coding more easier use Easy PHP web server.

How To download Easy PHP :-

1- Go To Google

2- Type Easy PHP is search box then click on “ I M Felling Very Lucky “…

3- After clicking you going to land on official site Of easy php server from there you can download then Easy PHP server..

4-Installation process is same like installing Game in your pc…


SO now choose any web server that shoots your needs and download it. after downloading it install it on your PC properly, now you have to move one step ahead to code your first PHP program..

PHP Editors -

[catalyst_hook_box name="adsenseshort"]PHP editors makes PHP coding lot more easier to provide you help to correct your coding and syntax mistakes instantly .. The one of most popular and very easy to use PHP editor is PHP designer. you can download its free version by following below steps..

1- Go To Google

2- Type PHP Designer  is search box then click on “ I M Felling Very Lucky “…

3- After clicking the official site of PHP Designer  is going to open from there you can download it..

4-Installation process of PHP Designer is same like any other software installation software …

After installing PHP Designer you are completely Ready to start coding your first php program.. Now it you want to check every thing is correctly working or not then just type this simple PHP program in PHP designer and save it as test.php…


$x=  “ Hello My Name Is Romy Singh And Welcome To Your First PHP Lesson “ ;

echo $x;


After saving it as test.php… run this file on your browser or you will see a output like this :-

Hello My Name Is Romy Singh And Welcome To Your First PHP Lesson

after installing all this software’s your pc is completely ready to code any server side scripting coding..

if you any problem regarding to installation process of any web server software then feel free to post your query in below Comment Section…

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