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As you know guest posts now plays major role in the arena of search engine optimization and blogging. Every Blogger and webmastersguest-blogger are using it for driving traffic to their blogs and website for free. So we decided to accept guest post from guest authors but we made some changes in the process of accepting and dealing with guest post.

Normally if you submit your guest post to any blog you able to get exposure, and traffic from that blog.  So if you submit your guest post in Crunchyblogger, not only you able to get exposure from your submitted post, you also able to make some money from your post. By adding a One 460X80 adsense ad or affiliate ad in your Guest post.

Let me tell you few advantage of Guest Blogging At Crunchyblogger :

  1. You able to get relevent links
  2. Improve your search engine rankings
  3. Build relation
  4. Get exposure for your self
  5. Social Media Marketing for post etc..

So before you decide to submit Your Guest post. Make sure you follow this few rules.

  1. Your article should more then 400 words & Unique.
  2. Your article should be related to the niche of this blog. like. Make money online, SEO, SMO, Blogging, affiliate, tech,  etc.
  3. You can only add 2 links in your post, no more the that.
  4. The post that published on here at Crunchyblogger. it could not be published anywhere else.
  5. Your article should be unique and informative, written by your self.

Just follow this  simple rules to get your guest post published on Crunchyblogger. So see it’s not very though. So all you have to do just Write your guest post and send it to this email id as attachment Email: once i reviewed your guest post then i will published you guest post at crunchy blogger, And also we create your contributor account on crunchy blogger so in future you can easily able to submit your guest post..

Also you can send your Guest post to this email id: And then the rest process i will do.

Earn From Your Guest Post

Whenever you submit your guest post in Crunchyblogger  add your Google adsense or affiliate code in your post then i will add your ads on your guest post. but please follow this rules to add your ads in your post.

Adsense Rule :

  1. The Size ad should be 460X80.
  2. Choose only image and text ads.
  3. Please add only one ad.


Affiliate Rule

  1. The Size of affilfiate ad should be 460X80.
  2. Affiliate ad should be related to your post and niche of my blog.
  3. please only add one affiliate ad.



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