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Why Social Media Strategies Fail

The social media strategies are no doubt beneficial and useful for the commercial and non-commercial users. The increasing dependence of users on social media is not good because it is making this strategy rascal for the users. Everything is good up to a certain limits and if you will cross that limits then there will [...]

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The Lazy Facebookers Guide to Become Better at Facebook Marketing.

You and I and every blogger know that Facebook is the ruler of social media with almost 750 million users. So imagine you have 750 million people under one roof to showcase your products and services to gain some new customers and loyal fans. But showcasing your product in front of so many people’s is [...]

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The Future of Technology – How Mobile And Social Media Will Grow in the Coming Years

Ready for some really big numbers? Here are some figures on what the future uses of technology will look like. Of course, these are just predictions compiled from various sources and we will never really know the exact figures until we get there. Let’s just agree that even if we’re close, the numbers are pretty [...]

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7 Effective Ways to Get More Facebook Fans?

The question that I’m hearing a lot in these days is…. How did you get so many Facebook fans? The answer of this question is very simple- I value my Facebook fans more than anything and I always provide them reasons why they like my page and become member. In my opinion fans are heart [...]

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See how easily you can Enable Facebook TimeLine Profile

Yesterday in F8 conference Facebook announced a new type of Facebook profile. They call it Facebook TimeLine. In f8 conference Facebook promises to turn your Facebook profile into an online scrapbook where you are able to highlight most important moment of your life. Mark says “Timeline Is the story of your life. In a very [...]

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Facebook :- 5 Ways to Engage with Your Fans And Friends

A Facebook Page has a many common things with the oldschools website of 90’s… Every business has one, and they annoy the whole world by telling them that they have one, but they don’t have any idea how it will going to fit in their marketing blue print… Lots of facebook pages end ups being [...]

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Facebook Now decided TO pay 10 Cents to Its Users for watching certain ads…

Facebook Now rewards certain users who watch certain ads on the site with facebook credits…Which can be used for purchasing goods on Facebook deals page… Facebook new Groupon like daily deals and services.. The Credits however, is not huge… Initially at least, the average ads will yield a 1 credit, which is equal to 10 [...]

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Build Your Blogging Community With This Resource

If Your not too much familiar with building community around a blog before you may not have any idea how to start… Then here are resource that help you out in building a successful community around any blog… BlogEngage gives you verity of option to build your blogging community.. In BlogEngage You can submit [...]

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Get Better Networking By Using LinkedIn With Twitter

If you already have your profile on LinkedIn and twitter, then you might be already know that the twitter and LinkedIn profiles can be integrated by using just a simple LinkedIn application called tweets, this apps helps you to show your tweets in LinkedIn profile… As more LinkedIn professionals users creating their twitter profiles on [...]

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Google Chrome 11 Now have A Voice To Text Capability

Google Pushed Chrome 11 to the beta version, For making some good improvement for its users, including the browser ability to transcribe the voice to text. With This New Amazing Chrome feature, Users are able to click on a icon and speak into the PC microphone, and then browser will turn the voice into text, [...]

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