The Best WordPress Permalink Structure For Better WordPress SEO

Permalinks are one of most important aspects that you should consider when it comes to optimizing any wordpress blog postwordpress-permalinks or WordPress blog. You can tweak your permalinks to increase your chances to get better ranking in Search engines.

Lots of blogger are already familiar with wordpress permalinks and how to set them for better WordPress SEO result. But you should also read this post I’m dam sure that you defiantly learn something new about wordpress permalinks.

But those who are not familiar with wordpress permalinks or doesn’t even know what the heck permalinks. Let me tell them what is wordpress permalinks and where they able to see them.

What Is Permalinks?

In WordPress permalinks are known as permanent links. Permalinks are your wordpress blog post links that you get after hitting the publish button of your post.  Permalink is also used by other bloggers to offer you trackback and link exchange etc. The URL of your blog post that you publish has a permanent link unless you changed it. So that’s why everyone calls it permalinks.

You can find Permalink option after login in your wordpress dashboard. Just Click on setting tab and then click on permalink option.

Permalinks has 5 types. I will tell you each and every type with explanation that you can use it for your blog or not.

Default (Ugly Looking)

This structure is default permalink structure that gets set by default when you install your wordpress. It contains nasty symbols and numbers that search engines not likes so I would never suggest you that you use this structure of permalink for your wordpress blog seo.

Mod_Rewrite (Prettier Then Default)

If You are using Mod_rewrite or lightpod permalink structure option then it can be useful for some sites but I’m dam sure it’s not useful for you and your blog.  The reason behind this is it produces a very big links that hard to remember and type by your visitors etc… Those links contains unnecessary data’s that no one likes to see like day, month, and year, postname…


I will never suggest any one to use this wordpress permalink structure for their blogs.

Post Info (Better Then Both)

Post Info wordpress permalink structure is pretty much similar to Mod_Rewriter. But the only main difference is that is contains Index.php in the mid of link. Like

I would not suggest that you use this structure for your blog. The problem remains same as like it remains with using the Mod_Rewite structure.


You can imagine the structure of this wordpress permalink by it’s name. it only contains number. Numbers are not useful and important in url and also they are not very helpful for SEO. This permalink structure look like :

Custom (Best Among all of them)

 Custom option gives you ability to set the permalink of your wordpress blog as you like to see them. By using short codes you can set your desire structure of permalink by putting those short codes in custom box. Below are some short codes that you can use.

Note: You Never, ever put site url in permalink custom box. You must always use only short codes.

%Year%, %Day%, %Monthnum%, %Hour%, %Post_ID%, %Category%, %tag% etc….

The best option for SEO is always choose the custom permalink option. By only using 2 short code.

1-      %Category%/%postname%

2-      %postname%

But I would suggest that you used only use postname if you want to get better ranking and also don’t want to face problems in future. If you used postname with category then it good for those who never ever change their category name. But if you change your category name then you have face 404 error for those entire link that uses that category name.

So best option is to use custom permalink option with postname short code. If you do some research in blogosphere you would able to find that almost all blogger uses postname option.

So what you think about wordpress permalinks and which one is best for you. Please share it with us in below comment section…

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