10 Simple But Effective Tips To Grow Your Blog Readers Engagement On Your Blog.

The successfulness and effectiveness of any blog is majored considering many aspects and the one of most important aspects form all those aspects that shows us how successful and effective is our blog is your blog reader’s engagement on your blog. If your blog readers are engaging with your blog post and posting their thoughts, idea, tips, then it’s very good thing that shows you impression of how much your blog readers are taking your content seriously. If you not able to see any readers engagement going on your blog then something wrong that needs to be correct immediately.


Because if your blog readers are not engaging with your blog then it simply means that they get bounce up from your blog as they arrive to your blog. That simply gives us impression about our blog bounce rate if readers are actually doing it then the graph up our blog bounce rate is going on high track that’s not good for us. We have to slide down our blog bounce rate to increase the conversion rate of our blog. Because bounce rate is ultimate killer of conversion rate if you have Mount Everest of bounce rate then it’s hard to find a single stone of conversion rate on your blog.

So if you peak into some well know bloggers blog then you able to find that they have a huge conversion going on there blog because of 2 reason there blog has very low graph of bounce rate and a very high graph of conversion rates.

So today I’m going to share my ideas and thought about what A-list bloggers do to grow there blog readers engagement tree that we don’t. Let’s get started…

Write Your Words Well :

In the blogging arena, What you say matters most. Because it has the power to completely skyrocket your blog reader’s engagement on your blog or completely trample it. If you say some good words then people will going to talk about it, share their thoughts, ideas about what they think for what you’ve just said.

So it’s necessary that you site for a while and spend some time to craft your sayings and turn into a well written piece of content that captures the reader’s attention and keep them engaged with your blog post until the end. Because words are reads by mouth, understand by mind, and reaches to heart.

Have Schedule Timetable :

When you and in what frequency you update your blog also matters most if you want to increase the readers engagement on your blog. Lets say that you are Indian blogger and targeting U.S marketer then it not a good idea that you update your blog on Indian time. Because at that time lots of your U.S readers and customers are counting their sheep’s on their bed.

Also in what frequency you update your blog is matters, if you publish 4 or 5 post daily then your readers going to overwhelemed by your up[dation and give up after reading 1 or 2 of your post or they just get a impression on their mind that you are updating your blog in such a speed that means your content is not so valuable as others and your readers going to end on new blog. if you publish 1 post in a week or a month then your readers get very disappointed because they want to read more from you not that much as you think, or simple hey just forgot about your blog because they are not seeing anything moving from so many days that gives them impression that you are not updating your blog in consistence basis.

So ultimately if you want to increase your blog reader’s engagement on your blog then make sure that you have a fixed timetable that tells you when you update your blog.

Take care of Your Blog Readers :

Some readers are very engaging and posts there thought about your writing as they finished up with reading your content. So make sure that you get back to those readers and say a thank you for their readings and sharing their thoughts with your blog readers. Because a simple thanks you can increase your blog reader’s engagement twice.

If you peak into very well know bloggers blog then you able to find that they always have their reply ready for reader’s posts, because they know very well that a small reply can boost my blog readers engagement.

Ask for readers Engagement :

Lots of blog simply put a few lines in the end of their content that simple encourage readers to share their thoughts about your writing. I also used this tactic in almost my every article and I’m able to get enough response. So I think you also fill the empty block your content by putting some readers engagement encourage lines in the end to get more readers engagement on your blog.

Volume Of your Audience :

It’s very simple point that doesn’t need too much expiation. If you are saying something in front of 100 peoples then only 10 people have something popping up in their mind that they want to share with you, if you going to share same words in front of 1000 peoples than 100 people have their mind buzzing with questions that they want to ask you share with you etc…

So friend volume matters, If you want to grow your readers engagement on your blog then you also have to grow your audience volume.

Seed The Engagement :

The blogosphere is full with lots of followers not leaders. Lots of people follows what other people do. If some peoples already engaged with your blog then they also going to become a part of it, if no one is already engaged with your blog then they just going to press their back button even they want to engage with your blog. Because they are freedy cat, I don’t know from where they got the impression that in no one is not engaging with this content then I’m also not going to engage.

So its better that you seed 2 or 3 engagements on your blog by your seld to show that some people are already engaged with this post, now it’s your turn followers. And also no one like to see the zero number.

Leverage Social Media :

Social media is only place where user engagement takes place 24 hours daily, At Facebook people are always commenting on photos, tagging, sharing, etc… At twitter every second lots of tweets get shared, retweeted etc… the readers engagement is flowing in front of your eyes all you have to do is just divert them to your blog.

Polls & Contest :

Poll and contest are one of most used and popular tactics that used by almost every blogger in blogosphere to grow the readers engagement tree healthier. So you should also give a shot to polls and contents and see what it can do for you.

Popular Post & Related post :

Have you ever wondered why lots of bloggers shows popular and related posts on their blog? Because they found that by showing popular and related posts on blog we can increase our blog readers engaged and you know what they are somehow right.

So you also show related and popular posts on your blog if you want to increase your blog readers engagement on your blog.

Engage with other bloggers :

Engage with other bloggers in your niche and ask them to do the same for you. Because by doing this you both able to get lots of profits like increase in readers engagement, volume of traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate etc. its same like you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

So here I surrender my blog post 10 tips to increase readers engagement on your blog now it’s your turn to share your thoughts and opinion about this post in below comment section…

Photo by Waqur Bukhari.

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