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Smsfi is a platform that gives us ability to send sms around every corner of this world. So if you’re sms geek who spend most of their earnings on sending SMS nationally and globally then Smsfi is here to reduce your spending that you waste on sending those chilling and thrilling massages to your buddies, colleague, families’ etc. to its lowest level. Sending sms using Smsfi to national users or users who belongs in your region is completely free.  Yup I’m saying the free word, the word that we all love most. This is the feature that makes Smsfi stand out and also a feature that I love most. Because we spend our most of earning sending sms nationally not globally, and Smsfi makes it completely free that means no money spending only savings.

If you send sms globally which happens very incidentally or very occasionally then Smsfi also has a role for that, you just have to take a deep dive. So now we a have a wonderful website that allows us send free sms to multiple users at a same time. Not only this Smsfi also allow us to become a participant of lots of contest and gives you a golden chance to win lots of prizes.  Smsfi also has some more features that coined my attention is it allows us to send free greeting cards, games, classifieds, job listings, wallpapers and videos and much more.

How to Get Your Hands on Smsfi:

First register yourself in Smsfi for free of charge.  If you want to register yourself as Smsfi user then you going to need this 3 thing:

1-      A name that we all have..

2-      Email Id

3-      Mobile Number

If you have these 3 things that I’ve mentioned above then you are ready to send free sms to your friends. But before that you need to verify your mobile number by using a verification code that Smsfi will send you on your mobile number that you used to register yourself to Smsfi.  After you get yourself verified then start sending free sms by one click on mouse…

Some Pros Of Using Smsfi:

While sending free sms the 2 initial things that we care most is the charges and character limits we are going to get.  So if you are using Smsfi then you don’t have to worry about these 2 things because Smsfi allows us to send free sms with 283 characters. Smsfi also has a place for some occasionally sms like birthdays, holidays, festivals and friendship etc., so you don’t have to worry about what you are going to send to your friends. And also Smsfi has a inviting feature that helps you to invite your friends so they also able to know about Smsfi features.

Smsfi not only offers such amazing features and services but it also a strong source of entertainment.


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  1. Christina from Playhouse for Kids says:

    I’m actually using one free sms apps in FB before. At first, I’m totally happy with their service, but ended up pissed off because they are posting spam msgs to almost all of my friends’ wall. I will definitely check this one out and see how it could actually work for me. Great you’ve shared this to us!

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