Creating Interactive Community Blogs And Website With Free Plugins

As I have already discussed, creating an interactive community on your blogs is very easy. WordPress plug-ins that are free allow you to do a lot with your blogs that you probably haven’t done before.

PLUGIN 1 – Community Submitted News

This is a great way of getting your readers to actually submit content to publish on your website. You get full control of the content by being able to moderate it. This is a great plug-in to use if you are wanting your readers to have a more active role on your website.


PLUGIN 2 – FV Community News


This is a similar plug-in which has built-in spam protection and also theability for the administrator of the blog to actually edit the submissions.

PLUGIN 3 – Gigya Socialize

This plug-in allows you to incorporate APIs such as Facebook Connect,Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, and LinkedIn. You can publish newsfeed updates and your visitors can also invite their friends from their social networks to your blog.

PLUGIN 4 – Threaded Comments

When you enable this plug-in it will turn on the comments section on every single post. What makes this plug-in different is that it allows users to directly reply to a specific comment rather than it appearing in chronological order on the page. Not only will visitors engage with you but they will also engage with other visitors.

PLUGIN 5 – Digress.It

If you’ve ever read a text book before you have probably written in pencil notes in the margin of important points you want to remember. This plugin pretty much operates the same way. The difference here is that anyone who visits the post will be able to see these margin notes. You can use it in an educational setting or to invite feedback or to find out what points people find important in your post.

PLUGIN 6 – FeedbackByParagraph

This is another very interesting plug-in. Rather than people leaving a comment at the end of the post, they can actually leave a comment in individual paragraphs. Comments are shown in a pop-up box. A lot of people like the feature that comments are kept separate from the main content with this plug-in.

PLUGIN 7 – WPPolls

This is a great plug-in for creating polls on your blogs and encouraging interactivity with your readers.

PLUGIN 8 – IntenseDebate Comments

You can greatly enrich blog readers’ experience with comment threading,e-mail replies, user accounts, comment voting, reputations, and Twitterand Friendfeed integration

PLUGIN 9 – Co Authors

This nifty plug-in allows you to have multiple authors associated with any post.

PLUGIN 10 – Invite Friends

This plug-in has a lot of features including sending invitations, sending invitation cards, uses being redirected to a custom page after activation.

Please Share Your Valuable Opinion And Experience With All this Plugin…If You Know Any Other Plugin That Helps In Creating Interactive Blogs Then Please Share It With CrunchyBlogger Users…

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  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the mention of Feedback by paragraph. You might like to know that I have updated the plugin – it’s now called MCEngine and you can get it here –

  2. great information.. very well sir..

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